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Spring Cleaning in the Garden

Since Jeremiah was so small last year, I didn’t get out to garden much. I planted a few things and utilized the survival of the fittest after getting everything planted. We didn’t have much to show for it, so it made me eager to get back into the garden this year.

Not only did I neglect my plants in season, but I failed to clean out my garden once all the plants died. I finally got around to doing this back in March. Much to my pleasure I discovered that I already had two plants alive! Apparently, parsley and chives are perennials. Now that I know this, I’ll probably transplant them to my regular flower bed once they go dormant in the fall.

Cleaned up and all ready for plants

Cleaned up and all ready for plants

In addition to removing the old plants, I like to amend the soil in order to add back nutrients and to make up for any lost soil. Usually, I add some version of Mel’s Mix in a smaller proportion, but this year I actually had some of my own compost so I decided to add that instead.

Fresh homegrown compost

Fresh homegrown compost

You’ll notice the clumps in the compost. Most of those crumbled apart as I put them into the garden. Isn’t that crazy that all of that dirt used to be trash? Now it’s going to feed my plants for the summer. I also sprinkled some lime and fertilizer into the bed. Now you can see the final product.

Doesn't that dirt look amazing?

Doesn’t that dirt look amazing?

 What do you do to prep your garden? Tell me what I’m missing!

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