Tenth Month Life Lesson – My snuggling days are over!

As an infant, Jeremiah liked to be held ALL the time. I know there are a lot of different opinions out there on “spoiling” babies by holding them. I tend to take a stance that it fulfills an actual need. I’m not saying that babies don’t learn how to get their way, but in the end it’s not like they are born with a ready arsenal of self-soothing skills. Since I felt like Jeremiah needed to be comforted, I complied. For the most part, I didn’t mind this too much. However, there were times when I felt trapped and I’d complain to anybody who would listen – Woe is me! I can’t go to the bathroom. I say this in mockery now, but at the time, it was a legitimate complaint.

Of course, eventually Jeremiah grew mobile and wanted nothing to do with being held. He was ready to explore the world and he couldn’t do that if he was in someone’s arms. I slowly began to realize that my days of snuggling were over. I felt so guilty for the times that I complained about his incessant need to be held. People tried to warn me – enjoy it while you can! I didn’t believe them. In the moment, it felt like it’d never end, but end it did. Now Jeremiah wasn’t the one with a need to be comforted, I was. It wasn’t until Jeremiah was ten months old that he started to give us real, unprovoked hugs. That is one of the sweetest feelings in the world. Even though I miss being able to just sit and hold my son, I wouldn’t trade anything for his genuine acts of love.

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