Eighth Month Life Lesson – No one told me I’d need a new wardrobe.

I’ve always had difficulties finding clothes that fit my body well. I’m petite yet curvy, short-legged yet have a long torso, modest yet aspire to look trendy, and I’m frugal on top of all of that. It took me awhile, but I finally figured out what brands and styles of clothing flattered my body best. Now that I’ve had a baby, I’m back to square one.

Even though I’m back to my pre-baby weight, my body has completely changed – weight has shifted and feet have grown. I pretty much need a new wardrobe. While this isn’t really possible, I have learned about a few essentials for getting by.

First off, mom jeans. Before Jeremiah I never imagined that I would wear anything except for low-rise cut jeans. I found them to be more “comfortable”. Now I can’t stand them. I feel like I’m always hiking up my pants even with a belt on. Mid-rise jeans hit just in the right spot on my torso, no longer shimmying down every time I bend or sit.

Second off, skinny pants. I was pretty anti-skinny pants for myself prior to having Jeremiah. I felt like one should view themselves as skinny to wear anything with the word in the title. Post-baby I have realized that being skinny is a state of mind not a goal. The fact that I can wear skinny anything is something to be celebrated, so I rock them with the best of my skinny girlfriends.

Third off, shapewear, Spanx if you will. Previously, I felt like if I needed to wear shapewear to feel comfortable in a piece of clothing, it probably meant that I shouldn’t be wearing it all. With this mentality, I avoided anything that made me appear lumpy or bumpy. Considering I don’t workout nowadays and I’m trying to work with the clothing I’ve got, that’s kind of hard to avoid.

Fourth off, side ruching on tops. This is really popular in maternity clothes, but luckily has found it’s way mainstream. It hides bumps, rolls, and muffin tops. Go out and get a ruched shirt today!

I’m sure there are many moms out there who could add other clothing to this list. Please do. I am still figuring out how to dress my new body. I could use all the help I can get. When it comes to dressing Jeremiah, I have it down pat – colors, patterns, styles, and brands that look best on him. Like many other moms out there, I devote most of my energy to my family and end up neglecting myself. This month I have learned how important it is to spend time on myself, even if it’s something as superficial as what to wear.

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One thought on “Eighth Month Life Lesson – No one told me I’d need a new wardrobe.

  1. Aunt Tina

    I have always loved “mom jeans”! Even when they were not in fashion!

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