Sixth Month Life Lesson – Thank goodness for handicapped doors!

I still remember clear as day the first time I took Jeremiah to the mall by myself. I was SO nervous. A flurry of thoughts flooded my mind. Did I forget anything? Where could I change his diaper? What if he refused to take his bottle? My biggest challenge on that shopping trip wasn’t what I expected…

I parked as close as I could to the Sears entrance. The “one-handed” opening feature on my stroller was a total sham. After wrestling with my stroller, I transferred Jeremiah and his car seat from the car to the stroller. As I headed into the mall, I shortly realized that a close parking spot doesn’t always mean the best parking spot. I had to walk a further distance just to get to the ramp to go inside. No biggie, I needed the exercise anyways.

Now I needed to open the door. Hmm, how does one open a door and push a stroller through it without getting stuck? Aha, a handicapped accessible door button! Except the button wasn’t working. Arg, just my luck. Surely I could use my petite limbs to finagle my way through not one, but two sets of doors. As I kept ramming my stroller into the doorway, many passerby used the other door to bypass my awkwardness. Out of nowhere a middle-aged woman came and held the door open. She told me how she remembered those days all too fondly. She even went back inside to help me open the second door.

There is no telling how long it might have taken me to get inside the mall if that kind stranger hadn’t helped me. Before that day, I hadn’t realized the many seemingly insignificant challenges that I would face in my everyday life after having a child. That is only one small example and they keep cropping up everywhere. I thought they would subside as Jeremiah gets older, but instead I’m faced with new challenges that continue to alter and shape the way my mind processes things. It must be true what they say: the second one is always easier.

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2 thoughts on “Sixth Month Life Lesson – Thank goodness for handicapped doors!

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