First Month Life Lesson – A nine pound baby is heavier than you think.

Having your first child is the ultimate reality check. I know it’s cliché, but it really does put everything into perspective. During the first month of Jeremiah’s life, I learned so much about myself in addition to child rearing, some things more practical than others.

I also realized things that I should have done during my pregnancy. First, I should have lifted weights regularly. There is nothing like toting around a baby to make you realize how pathetic your upper body strength is. Second, I should have done more things one-handed. For example, putting away the dishes takes twice as long when you’re down to one hand. Last, I should have used my non-dominant hand for daily tasks more often. Have you ever tried to pour yourself a drink with your non-dominant hand? Go try it out. Just make sure you have a towel close by.

While these may not seem like the most astounding life lessons one can learn, they all point to some bigger themes. It’s impossible to fully prepare for a baby. You will no longer do things the way you used to do them. Your shortcomings will become obvious, but you’ll adapt and become a stronger person.

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3 thoughts on “First Month Life Lesson – A nine pound baby is heavier than you think.

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  2. Anonymous

    Too cute, Melissa! And it’s so fun to keep up with you on here! :o)
    (Emily Sides)

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